Alert: Wildland Fire Evacuation Notices

Event: Evacuation Immediate Warning
Sender Name: Douglas Chelan County,WA
Issued: 2018-07-10T21:02:04-06:00
Expires: 2018-07-10T22:02:04-06:00
WEA Text: wildland fire evacuate now for Mnsfld Rd, Basalt, Clmbia View, Desert Rose, Elk View
Description: This is not a Test Douglas County and Grant County Sheriff’s Office with an important message. Wildland Fire off of SR 28 – level 3 evacuations for Columbia View, Desert Rose, Basalt View Rd, Basalt Dr – evacuate now.

Shelter in Place Notice for Crescent Bar . Do not travel up Crescent Bar Rd. Level 2 Evacuation cancelled. Please stay off the roadway to allow firefighters access.
Instruction: The Douglas and Grant County Sheriff’s Office will update this message as needed.
Urgency: Immediate
Severity: Extreme
Certainty: Observed
Categories: Safety,
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EAS Broadcast Content
Type: audio/x-ipaws-audio-mp3
Area Description: Mansfield Rd & Crescent Bar

Message Identifier: AS-WA-3d9fcb7f-8117-47be-b4af-b55ec7b79ce3
CAP MessageType: Alert