Alert: Travel Danger

Event: Civil Emergency Message
Sender Name: Platte County,NE
Issued: 2019-03-14T05:33:47-06:00
Expires: 2019-03-14T09:33:47-06:00
WEA Text: Travel is not advised in and around Columbus and Platte County due to extensive flooding
Description: Travel is not advised in and around the Columbus and Platte County area due to extensive flooding. City and County officials advises the public to not travel if not needed.
Urgency: Immediate
Severity: Extreme
Certainty: Observed
Categories: Safety,
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EAS Broadcast Content
Type: audio/x-ipaws-audio-mp3
Area Description: Platte County

Message Identifier: AS-NE-17ac0236-66d0-47ee-9827-382dc5eeb7bb
CAP MessageType: Alert