Alert: EAS Required Weekly Test

Event: required weekly test
Sender Name: Michigan State EOC
Issued: 2014-07-03T11:54:23-04:00
Expires: 2014-07-03T12:54:00-04:00
WEA Text: A required weekly test has been issued for all Michigan. Tune to your local TV or radio st
Description: The is a required weekly test of the Emergency Alert System originating from the Michigan State Police Emergency Operations Center in Lansing. If this had been an actual emergency, such as a tornado, a toxic material release, nuclear plant incident, wide spread phone or power outages or other State or local emergency that affects your safety, official messages would have followed the alert tone. This concludes this test of the Emergency Alert System.
Urgency: Unknown
Severity: Unknown
Certainty: Unknown
Categories: Geo,
Area Description: All Michigan

Message Identifier: MI.000_726_2014-07-03T11:54:23-04:00
CAP MessageType: Alert