Alert: Required Monthly Test

Event: Required Monthly Test
Sender Name: Idaho Office of Emergency Management,ID
Issued: 2020-02-13T23:39:45-07:00
Expires: 2020-02-14T00:39:45-07:00
Description: This is a test of the State of Idaho Emergency Alert System. In the event of an emergency, this system would bring you important information. This test was conducted from the Idaho State Communications Center in Meridian, Idaho and is now concluded.
Urgency: Unknown
Severity: Unknown
Certainty: Unknown
Categories: Other,
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EAS Broadcast Content
Type: audio/x-ipaws-audio-mp3
Area Description: South Idaho

Message Identifier: AS-ID-866ad49d-8ded-4dfc-888f-c3f2ef35689a
CAP MessageType: Alert