Alert: Emergency Alert System

Sender Name: SEDGEOC
Issued: 2015-02-27T16:37:00-06:00
Expires: 2015-02-27T22:37:00-06:00
Description: The emergency accident reporting plan is in effect for the City of Wichita, only. If there are no injuries, no impaired or drunk drivers, and no inoperable vehicles, drivers involved should move off the roadway to prevent additional accidents, exchange drivers contact information, vehicle and insurance information with all involved., Drivers involved must within twenty four hours file a report at Wichita City Hall, or a Wichita Police Patrol Substation between the hours of eight a m and five p m, or on the Wichita Police department web site at , Accident Report forms are available at local area Quik Trips and Kwik Shops. If your accident is on a state or federal highway, The Kansas Highway Patrol will respond, call nine one one or, star forty seven, on your cellular phone. If your accident is outside the city limits of Wichita call nine, one, one, a law enforcement officer will respond to investigate. In all other cases call nine, one, one for assistance, you should protect yourself and your passengers as best possible, Do not wander out in the traffic lanes. If your vehicle is operable, and you can do so safely move over to the shoulder, care for the injured until help arrives..
Instruction: Stay tuned for further instructions.
Urgency: Immediate
Severity: Severe
Certainty: Observed
Categories: Safety,
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Type: audio/x-ipaws-audio-mp3
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Link: http://
Area Description: Sedgwick, KS

Message Identifier: CAPNET-1-345-20150227163700
CAP MessageType: Alert