Alert: Boil Water Order

Event: Boil Water Order
Sender Name: TEMAObionCountyEMA
Issued: 2015-09-27T01:05:31-05:00
Expires: 2015-09-27T23:32:45-05:00
Description: The Obion County Emergency Management Agency is advising that a boil water order is now in place due to a broken water main in Union City. All Union City Water System customers should boil their water before consumption or use until further notice.

Instruction: Boil Water Instructions

¿ Fill a pot with water.
¿ Heat the water until bubbles come from the bottom of the pot to the top.
¿ Once the water reaches a rolling boil, let it boil for 1 minute.
¿ Turn off the heat source and let the water cool.
¿ Pour the water into a clean container with a cover for storage.

Use the boiled water for preparing and cooking food, feeding babies and using formula, making ice, brushing teeth and providing water to pets. Be careful not to swallow any water when bathing or showering. Use caution when bathing babies or young children.

The public can call the Union City Police Dept. at 731-885-1515 for more information.
Urgency: Immediate
Severity: Severe
Certainty: Observed
Categories: Health,
Area Description: Obion

Message Identifier: 27d31ba0-1c4a-46c4-9e18-d8e46e43c718
CAP MessageType: Alert